Because Ag Deserves Better

Think Shift helps ag leaders bring traditional brands into the new world.

Our Agrimarketing Philosophy

Who We've Worked With

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  • Cargill
  • Elanco
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  • Jaguar
  • A true thought partner that challenged and made us better. Best agency I have ever worked with.

    Paul Beck, VP of Global Marketing, Verdesian Life Sciences

  • Great work on our branding strategy. I would never recommend Think Shift to a competitor – it would be too dangerous for us :)

    Dave Sippel, Vice President Seed and General Manager Canada, Cibus

  • Think Shift made a huge difference in how we operate, it was tremendous. Even our most strident and hardened partners felt you guys were able to help us change.

    Robert Worthington, SNC Law

What We Think

How CEOs Drive Change

How CEOs Drive Change

Leaders craft stories; stories drive people; people create culture; and culture drives brand. Learn how to transform your business from the inside out.

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Case Studies

Cargill Growing Series


Potahto Campaign

Peak of the Market

Table For Twenty

CropLife International


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