Amedu Obodumu

Digital Marketing Specialist

About Amedu

Amedu was born and raised in Nigeria, and moved to Winnipeg in 2011 for university. It was not until late 2014 that he learned there was such a thing as "digital marketing". Amedu had looked up reviews for a pair of shoes he wanted to get and became curious about why certain websites showed up ahead of others. This curiosity led him to learn how to create his own review sites, use SEO techniques to rank well in Google, scale using paid advertising, become the first Traffic & Conversion Specialist at Bison Transport, and now, become part of the Digital team at Think Shift. When Amedu is not looking at fancy charts and keywords, he’s coaching his soccer team, watching a TV show, or reading a Myers-Briggs personality type article. Amedu loves Game of Thrones, but doesn’t think he’s as crazy about it as most people. He also loves pineapple on his pizza.


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