Derek Kitching

Account Executive

About Derek

Derek is a dynamic marketing professional with a strategic mind and an eye for creative solutions. He graduated from the Asper School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) degree, where he was selected to compete in two of Canada’s most prestigious business case competitions. With an aptitude for marketing and devotion to continuous learning, Derek is committed to creating great value for his clients.

Having marketing experience in industries such as agriculture, consumer goods and tourism and recreation, Derek brings a well-rounded approach to solving complex marketing problems with a digitally savvy mentality. Perpetually curious and fascinated by insights and data, his interest in research and analysis often leads him to challenge the status quo in search of unique solutions.

Outside of work, Derek is an outdoor adventurer with a passion for snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and landscape photography. As he’s a lifelong player, fan, and coach of hockey, you’re likely to spot Derek at a hockey rink near you.


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